4D Logo 43
4D Logo 44
4D Logo 45

Current Logo.

My professional opinion:

  • Too Busy
  • Difficult to understand when viewed at a distance.
  • Doesn’t represent the idea of a 4th Dimension
4D Logo 46

Fourth Dimension?

1: A dimension in addition to length, breadth, and depth specifically, a coordinate in addition to three rectangular coordinates especially when interpreted as the time coordinate in a space-time continuum.

2: Something outside the range of an ordinary experience.

4D Logo 47

A "Tesseract."

4D Logo 48

Lets start our design by representing the "fourth dimension" as a version of Carl Sagans "Tesseract" and the letters 4D.

1. A cube represents the first 3 dimensions

4D Logo 49

2. A line through it would represent the 4th dimension

4D Logo 50

3. Now rotate the block 90 degrees but keep the line

4D Logo 51

4. Add another vertical line for the Space-Time Continuum

4D Logo 52

5. Remove a quadrant to reveal the left-side "4"

4D Logo 53

6. Shorten the horizontal line to reveal the right-side "D"

4D Logo 54


4D Logo 55

Oh so white.

4D Logo 56

and vertical too.

4D Logo 57

Mark your territory.

4D Logo 58
4D Logo 59

Black on Black.

4D Logo 60

Introduce Yourself.

4D Logo 61


4D Logo 62


Final Thoughts

We have one rule when creating brands: You Must Love It!

Thanks for letting me explore this new direction for your brand, if you love it, say so. 

If you hate it…send me some love for the effort, but dig into what’s not working for you, lets figure out where we need to be.

Ben Moffett

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